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International Adoption Seminar Reviews

“This seminar was the best thing that we have been to through this whole process. It was practical, informative, and entertaining. The highlights included: the videos of the orphanages, the guided imagery exercise, the materials display (second to none), the exercise book, the “experiment”, and, the live families testimonials. The manual, which we were provided, became our bible, and we were introduced to a number of excellent resources. Sofie has an excellent manner with people and is a first rate teacher. We can highly recommend the seminar without equivocation!”
Pat Parisi, Principal and Dr Michael DeRobertis, University Professor

“I want to thank you for the informative and well organized seminar. you provided a lot of key information and data about international adoption (and the setting was perfect). You were supportive and knowledgeable. I also appreciated how you had guest speakers and provided the opportunity for dialogue with others. As an educator I gained knowledge and insight about the need for sensitivity and understanding of adoptive families. As a future older parent, I am going through a lot of mixed emotions and you alleviated some anxiety with your “it’s okay” phrases and guest speakers. Thank you!”
Barbara McDiarmid, Principal

“I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed your seminar. We learned so much about things we had not thought about before in regards to adopting internationally. You are a great speaker – the information was clear and delivered in a friendly and fun manner. The speakers were key. I am sososo glad my husband came. Worth every penny. Thank you.”
Danielle Perron

“I can’t tell you how impressed I was with the seminar. You were so well organized and managed to give a personal touch to all of us. The facilitation of information was excellent with a variety of delivery methods so that different learning styles were appealed to. And the information itself was relevant. I have done a lot of research on adoption process and parenting and I found your session validating and it filled in a lot of extra pieces I had not yet received. Even though you covered a ton of ground, you have the ability to deliver the key message on each subject in a concise and condensed way. It was time and money well spent!”
Sherrie Hyde

“As someone who is adopting on my own, getting well educated about the process is crucial. I have been to several adoption seminars – Sofie’s seminar was by far the most comprehensive and valuable. Working in the training field I have high expectations around the delivery and benefits I obtain when I attend a workshop. I found Sofie’s seminar engaging while providing a great deal of information in a short period of time. The delivery was clear and succinct, and I walked away with a very clear picture of international adoption. It really demystified the process for me. It helped me to be both realistic and hopeful. This seminar is a definite must!”
Ava Herman

“Having previously adopted a child and looking forward to adopting another, we were not sure if we would benefit from the seminar. However, after attending what was a wonderfully presented and informative seminar, we came away feeling we had learned a lot. It gave us the opportunity to share our experience with other couples and listen to guest speakers share theirs. Thank you Sofie!.”
Jean and Sean Broderick

“Your seminar was very informative, and very well put together – you are a very excellent speaker, easy to understand, well organized – highly recommend your seminar to anyone considering adopting.”
Anna and Gus Rocca

“The seminar was very informative. It provided us with so much more than just great information. It gave us great insight into the thoughts, emotions, and realities of adoption. Hearing the stories from both adoptees and adoptive parents, and having the opportunity to ask them questions was great. It was presented in a comfortable atmosphere. The location, room, set-up, and presentation were terrific. It gave us great opportunities to meet other people walking the same emotional and sometimes frustrating journey. We are very glad we attended. We would highly recommend it to anyone at whatever stage of their journey.”
Joy and Christopher Ing

“I wanted to say thank you – we felt much better about the process of international adoption after coming to the seminar. Many areas seem to be in better focus and we feel we have a broad understanding of the many issues we need to explore as we prepare to adopt. It is also quite comforting to look at this process as being ‘not about us’. It seems so simple in some ways but so critical when making decisions as a parent. So thanks again!”
James Castella and Laurie Gaborit

* Brilliant
* Informative
* Not to be missed
* An opportunity to think about adopting internationally from the side of the adoptee
* Enriching experience meeting people in the same boat
* It’s the best seminar on adoption that we have been to
Sandra and Dr. Neil Kessler


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