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PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education) is the curriculum chosen in Ontario to provide adoption education to all prospective adopting applicants. The model is designed to be inclusive of all types of adoptions -- public, private domestic, and international. It is a nine-module program with content in the areas of:

  • The adoption process in Ontario – Ontario – Public, Private and International
  • Attachment
  • Loss
  • Child development
  • Family relationships
  • Adoption issues
  • Placement challenges
  • Discipline
  • The impact of adoption on the family

Our PRIDE Program

Sofie Stergianis, and her training team, offer the PRIDE Program in a way that keeps participants energized and engaged.

Specific co-trainers have been chosen who have extensive backgrounds in training, as well as varied experiences in adoption and parenting.

The goal of our program is to present the curriculum in an informative, stimulating, and entertaining learning environment. The philosophy of our training group is that education should be enjoyable (even if it is mandatory).

The program will include a wealth of interesting examples and anecdotes, as well as a variety of adoption videos. A wide array of informative adoption materials will be displayed for your viewing, as well as additional hand-out materials. Included also will be presentations by adoptive parents, adoptees, and birth parents.

Continental breakfast as well as a full hot lunch will be provided on all three, of the full day training days, and snacks on the last day. Training sessions will be the Toronto area, in convenient locations with free parking.

Hotel options available upon request

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