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An Education Seminar for Extended Family and Friends


◊  Parents & in-laws  ◊  Siblings
◊  Older children in the family
◊ Nannies
◊  Other family members  ◊ 

The seminar will help involve family and friends, and will provide education about the different aspects of adoption. The content will be useful during the adoption process, or after the adoption has been completed. Topics include:
  • Positive adoption language
  • How to answer questions – Privacy versus secrecy
  • Adjustments of internationally adopted children
  • Understanding open adoption relationships
  • Loss –adoption and the older child
  • Growing up adopted – presentation by an adult
  • How family and friends can be supportive - (and
    what not to do)

Due to the current COVID restrictions, this session will be offered live stream online - it will be a virtual classroom, with the instructor teaching live. There will be guest speakers, and participants will be able to ask questions on the spot.

Date: Saturday April 10, 2021 - Live Stream Online

Time: 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Registration Fee: $50 per person

Detailed zoom instructions, and a short tutorial, will be provided for those who are not familiar with using zoom.

How to Register

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